HMIS Support

BTG's HMIS admin team provides ongoing technical support and assistance to end users to facilitate system navigation and to maximize proficiency in the utilization of the system. Technical assistance is afforded through various mediums including the HMIS Help Desk, in-person training, webinar training, HMIS-based video tutorials, and resource manuals.

HMIS Help Desk

BTG's HMIS Help Desk is a web-based customer service interface designed for rapid communication and resolution of HMIS and other data-related issues. Homeless services and data entry staff realize quick and high-level HMIS technical support by simply submitting a trouble ticket through the Support Center's Ticket System. An HMIS support specialist consistently monitors the ticket system at least once every hour throughout the business day and responds promptly.

BTG Training Information

BTG organizations are able to obtain access to the HMIS by submitting the New User Agreement and Training Request forms through the HMIS Help Desk. BTG is mindful of protecting the personal protected information of individuals entered into the HMIS. New users must sign the Statement of Confidentiality and agree to comply with all confidentiality requirements. In addition, training must be completed before access to the HMIS is granted. New users must submit the BTG Training Request Form to schedule a training session.

Housing First Training

In 2015, system‐level changes to improve the coordination of care in Hawaii's homeless programs began to take root through the Housing First (HF) model. The HF approach emphasizes providing housing stabilization as an important first step in a transition to independently sustained permanent housing. BTG recognized the importance and applicability of HF as an integral part of ending homelessness on the neighbor islands and adopted this premise as part of its homeless response system.

Comprehensive training by Housing Innovations provided information that helped BTG to implement the HF approach in the neighbor islands: PowerPoint presentations from Housing Innovations are provided via the link above. These presentations were conducted by Suzanne Wagner & Andrea White on July 24th & 25th, 2017.


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