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NEW - FY 2021 CoC Program Competition

Final BTG Consolidated Application

Click here to view BTG’s Consolidated Application including the CoC Application and Priority Listings with all projects accepted, ranked where required, or rejected.



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BTG Inflow & Outflow Dashboards

Updated through Sep 2021

The dashboards contain monthly and annual BTG homeless inflow and outflow data from Jul 2019 to Sep 2021 and FY 2015-2021 for the counties of Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii.



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ESG-CV Dashboards

Updated through 6/30/2021

The dashboards highlight funding allocation and expenditures, numbers served, exit destination, and length of stay data for projects funded under the ESG-CV program.



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HPO Funded Shelter Programs

HPO Funded Shelter Programs Placement Monthly Trends Dashboards

The dashboards display outcomes for HPO-funded shelter programs, ranked by percent exiting to permanent housing.



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ArcGIS 2020 Unsheltered
Point-in-Time Count

2020 PIT Count Dashboard

View 2020 ArcGIS Unsheltered PIT Count characteristics by rural county.



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HUD System Performance Comparisons

HUD CoC System Performance Dashboard

The dashboards contain system performance comparison data from 2015-2020 for all CoCs nationally.



Bridging The Gap's Mission

"To end homelessness across the Counties of Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui through collaborative, coordinated, and effective service delivery by agents for change, unified by a common vision where all Hawaii's people have safe, decent, affordable housing."

BTG's HMIS admin team is committed to utilizing the power of communication, technology, and data analysis to enhance neighbor islands CoC leadership, support cost-effective human services solutions, and maximize homeless services resources.

Bridging The Gap County Resources

Kauai County


Kauai County

Maui County


Maui County

Hawaii County


Hawaii County

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