System Performance

Both the System Performance Measures (SPM) and the Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA) provide BTG with a look at its overall system functioning. The SPM report is a summary and year-to-year comparison of system wide counts, averages, and medians related to seven areas of performance. The LSA provides HUD and BTG with critical information about how households experiencing homelessness use the system of care. This brief document describes the Differences between LSA and SPM Reporting.

Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA)

LSA reporting leverages BTG's HMIS data to provide insights into how households experiencing homelessness utilize the homeless services system. The annual report below conveys data about BTG's system of care and includes dashboards from HUD's Stella Performance Module (Stella P), which uses dynamic visuals of LSA data to illustrate how households move through the system.

Stella Performance Module (Stella P)

LSA reports utilize dashboards from HUD's Stella P module. Resources to better understand these dashboards and the LSA reports can be accessed from the Stella page of the HUD Exchange, including the Stella Performance Glossary, which defines commonly used terms appearing in the LSA reports.


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