HMIS Reports

BTG’s HMIS is utilized to analyze the extent and nature of homelessness on the neighbor islands over time. Evidence generated from the data includes unduplicated counts of homeless persons, homeless services utilization, and measures related to system performance. For households who are currently experiencing homelessness, the HMIS facilitates timely, efficient, and effective prioritization of services and housing resources through the Coordinated Entry System (CES). The following custom dashboards and standardized reports are made available to BTG, public and private funders, government entities such as the State Legislature and County Councils, and other interested stakeholders to promote transparency of outcomes and support funding allocation decisions.


The dashboards accessible through the link above convey PIT Count statistics, BTG system performance with regard to HUD Metric 7, HUD CoC System Performance comparisons, and ArcGIS data visualizations for the 2020 BTG Unsheltered PIT Count. The dashboards provide outcomes and statistical information in a visual format that aids BTG in making more informed strategic and resource allocation decisions.

Monitoring Reports

These operational reports convey information that can be used by BTG to help improve data quality, system performance, and the coordinated entry system (CES). The monitoring reports present information at the program level so that HMIS organizations can easily identify and update information in the system. Reports include census, timeliness, length of stay (LOS), client consent rates, chronic homeless data quality, exit destination, and CES.

System Performance

System Performance Measures (SPM) and Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA) provides BTG with a look at its overall system performance. The SPM reporting contains summary and year-to-year comparisons of system-wide counts, averages, and medians related to the HUD system performance measures. These measures include length of stay (LOS), recidivism, point-in-time counts, CoC Program income improvement, first time homeless, and placement into and retention of permanent housing.

Housing Inventory Count & Point-In-Time Count

The Housing Inventory Count (HIC) provides shelter and housing inventory as of the annual point-in-time (PIT) count date. PIT reporting provides homeless estimates as of a specific date within the last ten days of January.


View publications from HUD, the National Human Services Data Consortium, and the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


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