BTG Homeless Inflow & Outflow Dashboards

The following dashboards present monthly inflow and outflow data for BTG’s homeless services system using data from the HMIS. There are four dashboards, each displaying different characteristics related to monthly inflow and outflow. The data can be filtered by population, county, project type, or program using the filters in the upper right.

The first dashboard highlights length of stay (LOS) data in days for all clients served during each month. It includes both stayers and leavers, where LOS is measured from entry date to end of the report period for stayers, and entry to exit for leavers. The dataset used to construct this dashboard each month is duplicated over the street outreach, emergency shelter, transitional housing, and rapid re-housing project types. The figure shows both average and median LOS based on the selected filters.

The last three dashboards illustrate the number of households entering, exiting, served and active at the end of the month. The dataset used to create these dashboards each month is unduplicated over all the project types noted above and contains both stayers and leavers. An unduplicated dataset gives the most accurate representation of the homeless data presented below from a system perspective. Households entering in the month delineates households with and without prior HMIS history. Households exiting in the month compares households exiting to PH destinations versus those exiting to all other locations. The last dashboard displays the total number of households served during the month and the number of households that have not exited as of the end of each month.


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